Sandra Moody

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Sandra Moody

Sandra Moody

Our certified Coach

Business Coach, Career Coach, Executive Coach

Address: Danville, CA USA
Email: OR
Phone:  925.487.4876
Full Bio: Sandra Moody

Why you’re unique?

I have been active in the professional coaching industry for twenty years developing long-term relationships with academia and corporate leaders.  My unique approach integrates strength-oriented and solution-based methodology to initiate the critical path for clients to declare action and sustain forward motion.  As a result, clients gain clarity, insight, and competences that leverage executive performance to maximizes business results and advance career success.  

Your Mission?

Mission: To help clients gain focus and create a vision that capitalizes on strengths to maximize business results and leverage the power of relationship engagement.

Your practice and clients you work with?

Sandra partners with corporate leaders and academia educators to assist in their professional development for advancement and career success.

Do you ‘guarantee’ your work?

Do you ‘guarantee’ your work? By this we mean, if someone was disappointed with your performance, would you refund or not charge?
Yes & Yes