Rebecca Brown


Rebecca Brown

Rebecca Brown

Our certified Coach

Money Management

Address: Reno, NV USA – works with clients globally
Phone:  775-851-0391


Rebecca Brown is a Certified Professional Coach who brings a joyful and playful perspective to the coaching conversation as she works with clients to step out of their “box.” She supports her clients in gaining clarity, developing confidence and acting with courage. She has clients on three continents and counting.

As a Certified Money Coach© (CMC), Rebecca works with individuals to transform their relationship with money and redefine abundance on their terms.


Rebecca Brown is a Certified Money Coach (CMC)®, Certified Professional Coach (CTACC) and Laughter Yoga Teacher based in Reno, NV - serving clients globally. She helps professionals and entrepreneurs define their best lives and start making their biggest dreams a priority. With a background in program management and development, marketing, staff management, teaching, team building and volunteer management, she brings a wealth of experience and a joyful perspective to all of her workshops and client engagements.

As a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, Rebecca coaches businesses, teams and individuals to bring more joy into their everyday lives and into the workplace. She has delivered laughter workshops and seminars to a variety of corporate, nonprofit, government and educational groups.

Education & Credentials

Certified Professional Coach (CTACC)
Certified Money Coach© (CMC)
Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher