Tessa Richter

Tessa Richter

Business Coach, Executive Coach, Career Coach, Women's Coach, Transition Coach

Phone: +41 44 784 78 27
Website: Tessa Richter
Location: Switzerland. Works with clients globally.
Languages: English, German, French
Free Consultation: I am pleased to offer new clients a Complimentary Coaching Session

In her coaching, Tessa enjoys supporting people in expressing their essence and empowering them to lead a self-determined life and she has successfully widened the range of her coachees to encompass a wide variety of business people. These include C level executives, experts and managers seeking to develop themselves to maximise their potential, or to identify a new direction.

Her approach to coaching is based on her own motto: “Know thyself, love who you are and then express what matters”. Her coachees are therefore encouraged to understand their strengths and weaknesses as a first step. Tessa then works with them to identify ways in which their weaknesses can become strengths, thereby maximising their potential. This change in perspective, in turn, empowers her coachees to lead a more meaningful life, based on their own personal resources, allowing them to contribute fully to both their personal and professional environments.

Tessa was previously an internationally acclaimed classical musician. She has a Masters from Boston University where she was a Fulbright Scholar. As a result of her multi-cultural background, having grown up and lived in many different countries including the USA, UK, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland, she speaks German, English and French not just fluently but as a native. Interested in exploring all aspects of the inner realms of creativity, Tessa is also a professional visual artist and composer.

In addition to performing at the highest level as a flutist and a conductor, she has taught and coached other musicians and artists, and has lectured at the University of Massachusetts, University of Music in Zurich and University of Art and Design in Basel. Based on her experiences of performance and creativity, she developed her own curriculum offering tools and insights into mastering the stress of top level performance, whilst at the same time tapping into one's own personal resources to identify a unique style of expression.

Tessa uses both standard coaching techniques such as assessment and analysis, as well as the following tools developed by her personally:

  • images, imagery and changing perspective,
  • mindfulness and meditation,
  • self-coaching and self awareness,
  • mental techniques such as those used by top athletes, including visualisation,
  • directing and focusing one's energy,
  • presentation - connecting and communicating with an audience.
  • Classical Coaching Training at OTP AG
  • Advanced Coaching Certificate CPI (Career Partners International)
  • Advanced Studies „Leadership empowered
  • Various trainings in Personal Development
  • Various trainings in Meditation/Autogenes Training and Mentaltraining (such as used by top athletes)
  • Teaching Diploma SMPV Basel
  • M.A. Flute Performance with a Fulbright Scholarship Boston University, USA
  • Studies in German, English and French Language and Literature at the Universities of Basel, Durham and London
  • Senior Executive Coach und Transition Coach at OTP Switzerland (C-Level, engineers, IT-specialists, technicians, finance specialists)
  • Mentor at WomenWay.org - the Business Network for Women Entrepreneurs, Executives and Board Members
  • Individual Outplacement Coaching for Manager /Expert Level for Swisscom Zürich (ITC) and for Migros Zürich (leadung Swiss retail group)
  • Individual Outplacement Coaching CFO, Weisshorn Re Ltd, Zürich
  • Trainer Personal Development at international bank Credit Suisse, Zürich
  • In-house High Performance Language Training for EDS, Siemens,IBM, BASF, Clariden Bank and Hansa One
  • Lecturer at University of Massachusetts, at University of Musik Zürich and at University of Design and Arts Basel

"This was by far my hardest set of job interviews.  I had approximately 25 interviews over the course of 4 months.  The start point was my CV. Thanks to you for making this a superb version."

CFO of an international insurance company

"After our first coaching session I was able to breathe freely for the first time in months."

Sales director after burnout

"Thanks to the coaching with Ms Richter, I was confident and successful at a customer's event, and I was excellently prepared"

IT-Auditor/Project Manager of a Swiss Telecom Company

"Your coaching is very good and extremly helpful. I feel well prepared for my meeting with a potential client. I'm also glad that you are so clear on your position and your demands, and that you keep challenging me."

CEO of retail store

"I was very grateful for the art consultation as you made me analyze deeply things about myself, especially why painting is so important to me and what I want to express in my art. I think you helped me reach my goals in finishing my webpage and also being more focused in my art. "

Finnish Artist

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