Sophie Flouquet-Faisandier

Sophie Flouquet-Faisandier

Business Coach, Leadership Coach, Transition Coach

Phone: 206-923-9022
Website: Sophie Flouquet
Location: Seattle, Washington. Works with clients in North America and France
Free Consultation: I am pleased to offer new clients a Complimentary Coaching Session

With over 22 years of hands-on leadership, coaching, consulting and training experience, Sophie’s background is with SAP.

In 2009, she decided to create her own practice in France. She relocated to the USA in late 2011 to work more closely with her client organizations who are often in the IT sector.
Sophie Flouquet is a Result Coach, focused on her client’s outcomes. She helps projects holders to go to the next step over the edge.

Her clients successfully design what they really want, and focus on achieving their goals faster with more pleasure and less stress. What really sets Sophie apart from other coaches is her unique talent to inspire people creates a new vision of their life with actions to take now.

Sophie sees the potential of others and develops ideas of connections with people in the business area. She creates new ways with things that still exist in people lives. She will maximize all of your potentials.


  • Si' Strategic Interventionist' Robbins-Madanes
  • Certified Coach- Individual/Group/Team Coaching (Centre International du Coach) Paris, France
  • Facilitator Training
  • SAP Certification FI-CO
  • Bachelor of Science- Business and Financial Management (Maitrise de Sciences de Gestion) Lille, France


  • Puget Sound Coaches Association

"Sophie... generates endless streams of business ideas. She is very bright, extremely perceptive. Her coaching techniques, imported from France, are fast and effective and therefore well suited to the American business setting. These techniques work. I continue to notice benefits.

Ms. Faisandier’s simple, powerful, tools for behavioral modification tools will, for some, release years of suppressed talents. For others, the tools will eliminate the necessity of therapy and get them straight to the results they desire. Those with a strong moral and spiritual foundation will do very well with this life coaching method. Ms. Faisandier’s methods are simple and they go deep."

Natalie J. Everett

"Sophie has a great capacity, in a few day's time, to highly enforce team's cohesion and solidarity. Moreover, she is a very nice and friendly person, someone people enjoy working with."

Sylvain Darras, Owner, YouCanImpact

"Sophie is an incredibly competent coach, with a strong international background (Europe+USA) which makes her even more powerful. As a coach for executive women, her highly valuable support is key in helping me change the business context in a profitable way to all, so that women are successful and fairly compensated, and also in helping me design the right business strategy that will impact the company results, shape my career, and my way to the top."

Aicha Essmaali, Collaboration & Knowledge Expert, C-Level advisor in Organization and Digital transformation; ECM Practice Leader

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