Mary Kwiatkowski

Mary Kwiatkowski

Career Coach, Executive Coach, Leadership Coach

Phone: 814-881-5205
Location: Pennsylvania. Works with clients globally.

Mary Kwiatkowski is a certified executive coach and non-profit strategist. With 25 years of experience in the behavioral health field, both in government and nonprofit settings, Mary has the executive experience, commitment and ability to develop individualized solutions for your organization in order for you to sustain and grow your organization. Her philosophy is to empower clients through knowledge, values and strengths and to discover the courage within to “take a step up.

Mary works with nonprofit executives who are looking to begin socially conscience businesses of their own. Many people who are at the mid-career are looking to fulfill a dream career path which requires making a huge change. People making big decisions, who have the desire, but keep running in to road blocks are Mary’s ideal clients. Building confidence and faith in is a huge part of the fabric of Mary’s coaching process whether it is with individuals, teams or organizations.

Mary is a graduate of the Duquesne University Professional Coaching Program. She is also a member of the Center for Executive Coaching and obtained additional executive and career coach training with people from all around the globe. She is certified with the International Coach Federation and a member of the Pittsburgh Coach Association.

ICF Certfied Coach

Executive Coach Program, The Center for Executive Coaching

Duquesne University Professional Coaching Program

Certified Rehabilitation Counseling

Edinboro Universtiy MA Rehabilitaton Counselor

"Mary is a master of helping organizations -- especially in the non-profit sector -- be more agile, especially with their strategic planning, leadership development, and succession planning. She has developed a practical, results-driven methodology that helps executives strengthen the abilities of up-and-coming talent and keep the organization vibrant and able to perform well into the future. She does this with a combined focus on strengthening the organization and on the career development of the talent in the organization. I highly recommend you contact Mary; the non-profit world needs fresh thinking and Mary provides it."

Andrew Neitlich, worked directly with Mary at MEK Solutions LLC.

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mary regularly beginning in the fall of 2002. Whether in her role as funder, mentor or fellow board member, Mary always approaches issues with a high degree of professionalism and thoughtfulness. Her executive level experience in the public and private sectors provide Mary with the depth and breadth of knowledge and skill needed to be a successful career and leadership coach for both C-level and aspiring executives."

Shay Meinzer

"I have had the pleasure of working with Mary professionally and personally since 1982 and am happy to attest to her integrity as well as her thoughtful and intuitive approach to evaluating professional issues and challenging situations. Mary’s broad real-life experiences as manager and leader serve her well as she can draw from those experiences in relating to issues that I or her other clients may present. As a CEO of a not-for-profit, it is extremely helpful to have a professional coach to meet with periodically to help facilitate difficult decision making and Mary is that person for me."

Chuck Scalise

"Entering into a new field can be challenging and stressful, with Mary aiding in the process as a professional coach, I was able to pinpoint goals, set an agenda and stay on task with her support and vast experience in the non-profit sector. Mary provides discipline, focus and a structure for independent advancement and success in meeting objectives"

Paul Lukach, MSW, LSW

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