Marie-Christine Toron

Marie-Christine Toron

Senior Associate Coach

Phone: +1 631-899-2441
Website: Hampton Master Coach
Languages: English and French.
Location: USA. Works with clients globally.
Free Consultation: I am pleased to offer new clients a Complimentary Coaching Session

I am a trained and certified professional Co-Active Coach. My preparation was done at the prestigious Coaches Training Institute, and throughout a career of corporate leadership. Specifically, I’ve been deeply focused on nurturing and mentoring professionals with a creative approach to their work. As a result, my specialty is to work with professionals who want to stretch their creative range and explore how it can enhance and impact their lives and their work.

My path to coaching was anything but traditional; which is probably why I can focus so easily on my clients’ need to forsake the beaten track and find their own internal North Star. Born in Lebanon from French parents, a Parisian mother and an Alsatian father; I followed my family’s nomadic life, living and studying in Africa and in Europe, before eventually moving to New York.

This early experience with foreign cultures and constant changes has made me particularly adept at helping my clients embrace and even invite the changes inherent in re-directing their lives.

In the States, I pursued a career in the publishing and graphic design industries, moving rapidly from junior sales rep to sales director at Ziff-Davis, creating new products along the way and eventually becoming the Publisher of Photo-Design, a McLean Hunter publication. In the late 1980’s I was recruited to run a family business, American Showcase, a publisher of tabletop art directories. Six years and three new products later, I left American Showcase to launch my own company,

As the Co-Founder and President of, I built my company from the ground up. A niche stock image agency, we were the first in the industry to have a searchable website. We ran two banks of images ( and Stock Illustration Source) with 40 employees, generating $10 million in yearly sales. Driving the executive team to join me in creating a dynamic and successful company taught me how to turn problems into innovative solutions, a process I now use to help my clients parlay their own perceived deficits into opportunities for action and evolution. I sold my company in 2006, to free myself to become a coach practitioner.

In my coaching practice I share with my clients this invaluable work experience, inspiring them to broaden their perspectives and develop their ideas into projects or products that are compelling and profitable. One thing I bring to coaching is a passion for all forms of creative expression, from Aboriginal art to perfect zabaglione. I travel widely, but at home I keep a vegetable garden, cook, bake, read and write. I’m interested in etymology, science, art, antiquity, the Middle-Ages, and coaching, bien sur. Currently I’m having fun kitchen-testing recipes from the Middle-Ages, ( lots of spices and no tomatoes.)

My coaching philosophy is best expressed in these words of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: “Our duty, as men and women, is to proceed as if limits to our ability did not exist. We are collaborators in creation”. I live with my husband, an accomplished artist, in an old whaling village in New York State, where family and friends often come to rest and play.

Business Diploma, Institut L’Avenir, Belgium

CPCC, Coaches Training Institute

Member of the International Coaching Federation

Member, Board of Directors, Womens’ Initiative for a Sustainable Earth (WISE)

Fluent in French

"I am not sure there are enough words to describe all the benefits I’ve received from my coach, Marie-Christine. She has helped me navigate important life choices; from career obstacles, to personal relationship challenges, all the way to a healthy life style change. For over a year now, she has guided me, even emboldened me to make lasting changes in all areas of my life. I always feel empowered at the end of a session and ready to tackle life challenges and what I find so amazing is that the solutions that come up are crafted as my own decisions but with her guidance. Time and again when I’ve felt at a dead end, she has seen me through my options, and a different perspective than the one I held surfaced, as by miracle. Never once have I felt judged or wrong on any issues discussed. I am just as comfortable, if not more comfortable with her as if speaking with a close ally. I didn’t know what a life coach did before and this experience has made me glad I’ve found such a gifted one."

Stacie Whisonant, Executive Account Buyer, Washington, DC

"It is always a delight to be asked to write a recommendation for an exceptional person and Marie Christine fits that bill.

I’ve had the opportunity to be a client of Marie Christine's as a life coach for the better part of a year. I am a 60 year American woman, wife, mother and founder/director of a non-profit organization.

What comes to mind immediately is Marie Christine’s dedication to honest and useful information and her love of sharing that with the world - through her professional practice, her voluntary efforts, her family and friends. She is a deeply respectful and a thoughtful advocate for her clients. She is highly observant about my inner workings. She brings ‘we’ to her practice so that we work as a participatory team. Marie-Christine is delightfully organized and has brought me from chaos to clarity in the down to earth realm of my office. She has led me to be my most authentic self in the higher workings of my spirit. She has worked through mundane action plans to lead me to fruition on various projects. Marie- Christine has taught me to know my own demons and saboteurs so that I now move on more lightly with my life.

To work with Marie Christine is to have a brilliant coach along ones path who guides with a multiplicity of skills, techniques and always abundant love.

Marie-Christine is someone who receives my highest recommendation as a life coach. I can easily imagine her working also in the business sector with her strength as a successful business woman. She also has an ease of rapport with men as well as women."

Dorothy Reilly, Earth Matters, Southampton, NY

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