Mandasmita Singh

Mandasmita Singh

Senior Associate Coach

Languages: English, Hindi and Bengali
Location: Canada, works with clients globally
In-Person Appearances: Speaker, Group, Facilitator (Contact Us to schedule)
Free Consultation: I am pleased to offer new clients a Complimentary Coaching Session

Learning and development professional, Business Coach. Motto: “Because People Matter”

  • Versatile, dedicated learning and development professional and a business coach with long experience of working in a broad spectrum of industries from start-ups to well established corporations.
  • Driven by passion and her main passion is people, understanding people, growing people, leading people – including herself.
  • She understands that people don’t grow in a vacuum but rather by doing, by striving and achieving, by reaching goals and surpassing them.
  • Her primary arena has been management development, customer experience and coaching.
  • She has a deep theoretical and practical knowledge of leadership and management, as a leader and manager and as a trainer of leaders.

Mandasmita’s work in organizations and with her coaching clients has resulted in helping them achieve their goals of talent development, personal growth, management development, increased productivity and profitability.

Vetted Business Coach for several organizations and individual leaders offering focused, individualized learning, feedback and support for those who are developing critical leadership behaviors and preparing for a new role or assimilating into a new role. Mandasmita ignites spark of enthusiasm in leaders to create a strong leadership presence.

As a person she adores her two sons and loves spending time with her family and friends. She digs reading and a good cup of coffee. She loves to have fun and a good laugh. She takes up every opportunity of visiting new places and meeting new people.

  • CPCC
  • ACC
  • CSTD
  • ASTD

"As an HR Consulting Firm, we can always trust Smita with our clients. She consistently achieves the objectives of the training / coaching programs that she conducts with a successful track record of creating an impact on the performance and development of those she trains"

Shanu Satiani, Director and Partner Smart HR, Dubai, UAE

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