Katia Tripod

Katia Tripod

Business Coach, Career Coach, Executive Coach

Phone: 514-402-1773
Website: Up With Life Coaching
Location: Montreal, Canada. Works with clients globally.
Free Consultation: I am pleased to offer new clients a Complimentary Coaching Session


Katia Tripod is a Certified Professional Coach and an international Human Resources expert, helping executives and businesses to improve their structures, performance and efficiency, while enjoying the journey of discovery and learning. She also enjoys coaching individuals, helping them to move upwards and forward in life with exciting challenges while experiencing the discovery of their new best friend by looking in the mirror she holds for them.

After more than 15 years in the corporate world, holding senior Human Resources positions in different countries, she founded Swiss Label Consulting, a high-integrity and quality-focused consulting company, servicing its clients with custom-designed solutions to create high-synergy structures enabling people to focus on their business objectives.

To better serve her coaching clientele and to fulfill her passion of serving and helping others to improve, she founded Up with Life Coaching, her new-born company.

Certified Professional Coach, International Coaching Academy

Graduate studies in Human Resources Management, Webster University, Geneva, Switzerland

Federal Certificate of Commerce, Lausanne, Switzerland

Proficiency in English, University of Cambridge

"In her exquisite coaching, Katia brings you out of the noise and chaos to a place where you realize -- one of the single most valuable tools you have is utter honesty with yourself. That means taking full ownership of the good and the bad, the strengths and the weaknesses and everything in between. We need honesty in all parts of life, even if the main goal is career-focused, because life is a whole, not a series of compartments. I hadn't anticipated the impact that a skilled coach would have on me as I contemplated career transition. I had overlooked or undervalued my greatest strengths, and instead of pointing them out to me, Katia used her expert coaching skill to help me see these for myself. Experiential knowledge is the best path to transformation. I had spent years helping other people articulate brand values and brand identity, but it was only with Katia that I was able to do that important work for myself. The result? I had spent my career doing things I liked very much. Now I'm spending my career doing things I love. I highly recommend Katia to anyone willing to be honest with themselves, become clear about their goals and dreams, and take action. Like Katia, like me, you should be doing what you LOVE."

Constance Semler, Canada

"On a scale of 1-5, I would evaluate the coaching I received as a 5. Katia helped me to clearly set out what I wanted to cover. She showed great warmth and caring when I was struggling. When I was diving the issue, she also showed tough love, and really challenged me and brought me back to confront my issues, and deal with them. She really came on this journey of self discovery with me, and now that I have the time to reflect, I feel very proud of the progress I made, and that was all due to her wonderful coaching – I feel a happier and stronger person for having been her client – Merci, you truly are an amazing coach, and I feel blessed to have had the privilege to have been your client!s"

Yvonne Rankin Constantine, Singapore

"I was at a junction in my career where I wasn't sure what I wanted to achieve or what would satisfy me so I sought the expertise of Katia. Following a number of sessions, and having carried out a number of exercises, I have identified some key areas in both my working and private lives that are helping me to progress in a more focused and satisfying manner. I would recommend Katia to anyone who is experiencing difficulties in identifying what they want and how to get it, the approach was relaxed and informative, I found out a lot about myself that I just didn't expect thank you, Katia."

Matt Gurney, U.K.

"Katia is an exceptional coach. As I explained to her after our first session, I hoped that I had the ability to make my clients as comfortable as she made me feel in such a short period of time as well as establish trust. I feel so grateful that I connected with her for my first personal coaching experience. I learned so much from her that I am able to apply in my own coaching practice."

Pamela Speder, USA

"Initially, I didn’t comprehend the need for an executive coach. But as the old adage goes, "you don’t know what you don’t know".

I started my coaching relationship with Katia in August 2011 and it lasted until January 2012. From the beginning, she helped me define what my objectives were and clearly explained how the process should look like. Besides this, she took the time to get to know me personally, which made it easier to tackle the important issues really early in our coaching meetings.

Katia was incredibly skilled at asking the tough questions that helped me see things from different perspectives, and she then held me accountable for achieving my goals.

She allowed me to take an honest assessment of myself and put my goals and aspirations into context for the future. Katia helped me to become more aware of the elements of communication and management that I could control and change for the better. The end result was amazing. In the fact, I was able to change my communication and management style for the better.

These days I tend to " Eat my frog " early and often."

John Gillanders, General Manager, GT Group, Montreal

"The best experience I ever had was working with Katia as a coach. She has taught me to see different situations in more positive ways, which I never thought was possible. To date I am a different person at work and at home, enjoying a happier life. Thank you Katia you made a world of a difference!"

Linda T., Customer Service, GT Intermodal, Montreal

"Each session was a milestone achievement…and it all happened so naturally and fast! I thought I just needed some guidance on my career path, but discovered instead, ways to build a better and stronger ‘ME’"

LORI GOLDTHORP, Brand Consultant, Canada

"When I first called Katia, I was quite a mess. I did not like my current job and had no plan for the future. She drew out my strengths and now I have plenty of options and 2 job offers pending! I gained confidence and now I believe in myself, which is all we need to succeed in life! God Bless you Katia!"

Lynn Welch, USA

"Where do I begin? When I received Katia's promo, I knew that my managers and I could use the help. Through her coaching skills, approach to life and outlook on business, the change that came about was incredible. The progress and evolution that we all went through was life changing, both on a personal and business level. Katia had different coaching approaches for the many different personalities throughout the company.

Definitely one of the best decisions I've made, and an experience that will not soon be forgotten.

Thank you Katia!"

Danny Terrigno, President GT Group, Canada

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