Kathy Sparrow

Kathy Sparrow

Business Coach, Leadership Coach, Women's Coach

Phone: 619-200-2657
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Location: San Diego, CA. Works with clients globally.
Free Consultation: I am pleased to offer new clients a Complimentary Coaching Session
Email: kathy@kathysparrow.com

Kathy Sparrow is an international best-selling, award-winning author, leadership expert, message strategist and writing/publishing consultant, speaker, and university professor. She is driven by her passion to assist individuals in discovering their authentic presence, embrace change with a sense of adventure, and express themselves in all areas of life with confidence, awareness, and courage, using the tools of writing, fly fishing, and intentional conversation.

She is the co-author of the international best-selling book, Ignite Your Leadership: Proven Tools for Leaders to Energize Teams, Fuel Momentum, and Accelerate Results (Motivational Press February 2017). In her chapter “The Power of Your Story: Discovering Your Why, Dissolving Your Why Nots,” she discusses the momentum that occurs when a leader knows their “why.” We then have the personal power and confidence to do great things in the world and are able to influence those around us to be more engaged and productive at work. And when the “why nots” are addressed––we can remedy the imbalances created when we’re seeking the approval of those around us––which many of us do––and ultimately hide the true gifts we posses that we can share with the world.

Known as a “behind the scenes secret weapon” to leaders in many fields, Kathy’s chapter, “It’s All in the Cast—A Fly Fisher’s Guide to Leadership” appears in the best selling anthology The Innovators: Revolutionary Ideas from Today’s Consulting Leaders. Here, she explains how the mastery sport of fly fishing acts as a mirror for life and when engaged with awareness is an amazing self-development tool. She holds the distinction of once being one of the few female saltwater fly fishing guides in the nation.

A Master RIM® Facilitator, Kathy has the unique ability to see beyond her clients’ individual and group limitations and provide the guidance for them to develop the courage, connection, and compassion toward themselves and those around them to traverse the stormy waters of change so that they can smoothly sail through their personal and professional lives. Participants in her workshops and retreats become more confident in their abilities, clarify goals, communicate more effectively, and overcome barriers to experiencing their personal and professional success and happiness.

Kathy has trained extensively in the realm of narrative theory and leadership, with a focus on self-mastery. She studied with Jack Canfield in his Success Principles Train the Trainer program and serves on his assisting team. She is also a student of Brendon Burchard and his high performance habits.

Kathy passionately practices the art of discovery about her herself, her world, and all those who enter her world by dancing at her edge–embracing the areas of life where she is comfortable and expanding them with curiosity and courage to reach new horizons. Her personal mantra is “Show Up, Be Present, and Do What I’m Called to Do,” which she models in all areas of her life.

To reach Kathy directly, you may email her at kathy@kathysparrow.com or call her at 619-200-2657.

Training & Professional Development:

Jack Canfield's 2011 Train the Trainer Program

Certified RIM facilitator

Taylor Protocols Core Values Index facilitator

ICF Core Coaching


International Coaching Federation

Transformative Language Arts Network

Women's Wisdom Network


Masters of Art in English; emphasis on literature and cultural studies

Kathy Sparrow is an incredibly gifted human being and she chooses to apply those gifts to her coaching work. I have had the extraordinary experience to be coached by Kathy through her R.I.M. technique. Her ability to help me move through blocks, identify my inner wisdom, and get myself out of my own way significantly contributed to my ability to make changes in my health and well-being, including losing twenty-five pounds in a three-month period and increasing my stamina, enjoyment, and willingness to exercise. Kathy is a master in her R.I.M. work, is a dedicated and gifted coach, and I recommend her without reservation for anyone wanting to achieve their dreams.

~ Meg Rentschler, Executive Coach, A Focus on Results Coaching, Grapevine, Texas

Kathy’s astute sensitivity has helped me dance on my edge, identify my vulnerabilities, and reveal my real hopes and dreams so my own light can shine in the world. With the power of my own story, I am moving into my greatness.

I cherish that Kathy held sacred space for me, as my journey became difficult at times. Kathy’s insightfulness guided me through the twists and turns of my resistance and self-imposed limitations to the place where I am now able to connect with myself and with others more deeply, fully present in my own life. Additionally, she gave me highly effective tools to implement that intention of finding my own voice and I’m now blogging about my experiences in the world. Kathy’s compassionate mentoring has enhanced my journey of establishing healthy boundaries and learning “what is mine to do.”

I have become authentic, transparent, and very aware that my life has become more rich and full. The outcome––I enjoy myself more than I ever have in the past. I feel empowered. Kathy’s guidance has helped me unveil the layers of my story––I savor it.

As a coach and mentor, she held sacred space for me to transform with quiet grace, a gift she has being bodhisattva, teaching with compassion and modeling in the world what she encourages others to do––to dance on their edges, to discover who they are to be in the world, and develop the courage to dissolve the why nots that keep us from living our own stories.

Kathy’s connection to herself and to those she mentors runs deep as she wakes up her clients to our truths and encourages us to focus on ourselves––and the gifts we’re meant to share with the world. I want others to experience such a delightful transformation––dancing on their edge so that they ultimate thrive at their edge!

~ Merril Boruchin-Spielman, VA to Creatives of the World, Founder of Wisdom for Women, Manitou Springs, Colorado

I have had the great pleasure of being coached and mentored by Kathy Sparrow. When I started with Kathy, I knew I wanted to write a book, but I didn’t know where to start. She expertly guided me when I was trying to find my writer’s voice, and nurtured my resistance and struggles

with firm but caring sessions. Her skill as a Master RIM Facilitator supported the emotional blocks, I sometimes experienced as I progressed in the project. Her shared insights and knowledge allowed me to gain clarity, confidence, and excitement about being an author and a leader in my own right. I would highly recommend Kathy to aspiring and seasoned authors alike.

~ Carla White, creator of the one-woman show,

Thank you for all your wisdom, wit and whimsy that you have so kindly shared in this narrative journey we have embarked upon together. I have found keys to places in my being unlooked for until now, due to the gifts you have shared in this unfolding process. I know a safe place always resides in your presence, and am ever grateful for having the opportunity to experience that with you.

I look forward to many more forays into the fields and jungles with you, and learning to express the flower’s breath in the words you help me own. Feeling the taste of my power, dignity, and grace rising within me, and knowing you have helped me reach into those realms, sometimes holding my hand, sometimes with gentle hands on my shoulders turning me and then pressing lightly on my back, with a wise smile of knowing and words of empowerment, I am grateful for the presence of your luminous being in my life.

Thank you many, and many times more, over and over, for who you are and how you help me to shine! You are amazing and I am grateful for the support and guidance you give in this unfolding process as the book emerges.

~ Joe Bowman, Residential Living Systems, LLC, Northfield, Minnesota

Everybody has difficult days, but with Kathy’s careful coaching, she taught me ways to combat the low points by really seeing and honoring the wins of my own work, so the positive effects of the day shine through.

Before working with Kathy, I had concerns about my own coaching practice. Would I be able to handle the diverse clients? Would I have the intuition to address their needs? Would I benefit financially in the shift in my career?

After working with Kathy, I know the answers to all of my questions are within, and there are actions I can take each day to access my inner answers and feel confident in my work. Kathy is all about intuition, action, and arrival. She has the skills to help you find your voice, use it, and get singing the tune you were meant to sing! She is a true channel for guiding and helping others.

~ Laura Miller Chapin, Miss Miller’s Institute, Calcutta India

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Kathy during a marketing training program, and she was very knowledgable and insightful. She is passionate about helping her clients find out their true purpose. If you are passionate about finding your passion, Kathy is for you.

~ Zee Worstell, Williamsburg, Virginia

Kathy Sparrow helped me get out of my own way, fuel my energy and start taking action on a number of significant projects where I had been holding myself back. If you don’t know what’s stopping you, give yourself the gift of a coaching session with Kathy!

~ Nathalie Osborn, Michigan

Kathy helped me gain peace of mind in regards to facing the challenges of chronic pain. She also worked with me to increase clarity of my career goals. I found her to be an exceptional coach!

~Chris Hunter, Cincinnati, Ohio

I have always consider myself to be self-motivated, but I was just fooling myself. After my first session with Kathy, I couldn’t believe how the fire was beginning to burn inside of me. The answers were there. I just didn’t want to see them. By the time my second appointment came along, I was excited. Kathy has helped me wake up again. I feel rejuvenated and young. It’s hard to describe the abundance of ideas and energy that emerged with our every session.

~Sandra Vitallo, Whole Life Wellness Center, Harlingen, Texas.

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The Innovators: Revolutionary Ideas from Today’s Consulting Leaders. (Motivational Press, March 2017) My chapter, “It’s all in the Cast–A Fly Fisher’s Guide to Leadership” appears in this best selling anthology. Here I explain how fly fishing, a mastery sport, acts as a mirror for life and when engaged with awareness reflects our behavior off the water. It’s the basis for my “It’s All in the Cast: A Fly Fisher’s Guide for Leadership, Sales, and Optimal Performance,” leadership development program.

Ignite Your Leadership: Proven Tools for Leaders to Energize Teams, Fuel Momentum, and Accelerate Results. International Best Seller. (Motivational Press, February 2017) As transformational leadership calls for every leader to “know thyself,” my chapter: “The Power of Your Story, Discovering Your Why, Dissolving Your Why Nots” discusses the momentum that occurs when a leader knows their “why.” We then have the personal power and confidence to do great things in the world and are able to influence those around us to be more engaged and productive at work. And when the “why nots” are addressed––we can remedy the imbalances created when we’re seeking the approval of those around us––which many of us do––and ultimately hide the true gifts we posses that we can share with the world. Foreword by Jack Canfield.

The Whispered Teachings of Grandmother Trout, woman’s coming of age novel, set on the backdrop of a fly fishing lodge on the lower Laguna Madre (expected publication 2018).

Stories that Heal: Building Cross-Cultural Bridges Through Literature, Thesis, UTPA 2008. Research into the detrimental role the master narrative plays in building individual, cultural, and national identities, and affirming that healing and self-actualization can be attained through the creation of the counter-narrative.

On the Mother Lagoon: Fly Fishing and the Spiritual Journey, Wish Publishing, 2003. A psychospiritual exploration into the quiet sport of fly fishing. (Currently under revision. Re-release 2018.)

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