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John M. McKee

Business Coach, Career Coach, Executive Coach, Women's Coach

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Our founder, John M. McKee, has led organizations and businesses throughout North America. John was one of the founding senior executive team recruited to create and then launch DIRECTV, now regarded by many as one of the world’s most successful business launches.

He subsequently developed and oversaw some of that company’s greatest achievements. Prior to DIRECTV, John led organizations in several industries, worked overseas, and was involved in several business turnarounds. He’s spent decades in executive suites and boardrooms. In 2001 he left DIRECTV and established Business Success to an international coaching practice dedicated to helping those in business and leadership roles.

His first corporate clients came soon afterward, starting with 4 executives at Comcast. Often seen on television programs nationwide, John is also heard on radio across North America. Interviews and articles he’s contributed have appeared in magazines and newspapers worldwide including: Forbes, Fortune, Elle, Mens Health, US World Weekly News, The Wallstreet Journal, Canada’s Globe and Mail and many local or smaller vehicles. Encouraged by clients to share his ideas and experience more widely has led John to write and publish extensively. He is sought out for salient information and insight that could be applied to careers, businesses and personal lives in a straightforward manner.

Involved in coaching since 1988 when it first emerged, John M. McKee has been practicing coaching in organizations for over 20 years. He is an expert in Shadow Coaching, which results in significant results in 1 day.

The author of 3 published books (more information available on this website), John is frequently seen on television, in magazines and newspapers (more information available on this website). He has written a weekly column on leadership for CBS Interactive since 2006.

As a certified business and executive coach, John advises business leaders and executives worldwide. In addition to 1:1 coaching, he is available for group presentations and speaking engagements. Please see our Media pages for contact information. Member: International Coach Federation Member: The Worldwide Association of Business Coaches

"Working with John is one of the best investments you can make. I had always believed that ‘I could either do it or figure it out for myself’ and for years, was a skeptic of the coaching process and the value it would bring. But now after only 3 months my perspectives and ability to act in both my work and personal life have improved dramatically. If you are stuck in the proverbial rut or simply wonder if there isn’t more you can do in your present situation I highly recommend John’s coaching. I’m only sorry that I didn’t engage him sooner." Ted Young, Senior Vice President, Rapattoni Corporation

"John is an exceptional business coach – probably because he was an exceptional business leader himself. I’ve worked with him for over 10 years and always find he provides exceptional advice and guidance. He’s had a lot of firsthand experience at the top in corporate America and consequently John “gets” the business environment. He has moved many of our senior executives into a whole new realm." Katy Uhl, Senior Vice President Human Resources, SES Americom

"John McKee is the single most effective resource I have… he helps channel my energy and convictions into reaching my desired levels of personal, financial and professional success. I have seen improvements in everything that I do – from being a better father, to being a better manager. John has shown me the value of a more comprehensive approach to living which has quickly paid dividends in every aspect of my life." James A Capps, Vice President IT, Comcast

"John has taught me how to be a leader, to trust my instincts and to have the courage to be my authentic self in the workplace. He helped me achieve my dream job, giving me the tools I needed to get there. He also talked me off the cliff when I was ready to jump. I value him greatly." KH, City Manager

"Ladies – John is the most valuable resource I have when it comes to improving my career success. Because he led companies himself, his insights and advice have been on point. He has a wonderful way of adding perspective & he really helped me to align my personal goals with my career. I particularly like his recognition of issues faced by women. His first book, “21 Ways Women In Management Shoot Themselves in the Foot”, has great tips and strategies. If you can’t get John himself, at least get his book!" Heather Hollis, Senior Creative Director, Electronic Arts

"John is a true partner and advocate for both our business and our executive leadership. As a partner to the business, he is able to cut through non-essentials and quickly assess what is needed. …his process and his style are highly facilitative and collaborative. As a coach, he inspires genuine trust, action and results." Theresa Campbell, Executive Director, Human Resources, Comcast

"John McKee is, quite simply, an excellent business and success coach. I’m a bottom line kind of guy, and the real estate business isn’t easy right now. So when I am making an investment, I want results quickly or I move on. John delivered – 1 year after we started working together, income had doubled! Since then, it’s continued to grow" J. Michael Paul, Broker, Horse Property and Land Consultant

"John’s depth of knowledge and perspective in…business is why I started working with him over 10 years ago. His ability to stay focused, bring people together, and make things happen is why I will continue." T. C. Hunt, Chairman and Co-Founder, INSTALLS inc

"Working with John helped me to entirely change…. he accelerated my professional growth tremendously." Susie Tomenchok, Senior Vice President, international technology corporation "John is one of those rare individuals with the right mix of well defined business acumen and human skills. I can speak volumes about his abilities to deliver ‘the goods’ on time, on budget, and as promised. I’d strongly recommend John to anyone looking for great talent." W.A. Casamo, former President DIRECTV Merchandising

"My first few weeks being coached have been fast paced and productive. …he has been an invaluable resource for evaluating my current situation and future opportunities. I have experienced immediate returns on my investment in this coaching program." John C Chisholm, Commercial Real Estate Executive

"John’s frank, un-sugarcoated perspective is a wake up call to working women, and his real world advice will serve female professionals well in their quest to maximize their career – and thus income earning – potential." Robin Gibbons, Area Manager, AppleOne Employment Services

"Working with John has been an invaluable experience – well worth the investment! I started with the intention of figuring out my next career move. Not only did John help with clarity, he was tremendous in helping me navigate through the process of landing a new job. He has a great depth of knowledge and a style that’s wonderful. He now plays a key role helping me navigate my career and will remain a permanent part of my toolkit." Name withheld at request of this high profile client

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