Elena Espinal

Elena Espinal

Senior Associate Coach

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Website: Team Power
Free Consultation: I am pleased to offer new clients a Complimentary Coaching Session

Elena Espinal has earned the title of Master Coach based on her years of training with Jim Selman, a world renowned pioneer of Ontological training and President of Paracomm International. She was a partner in Paracomm International, which is headquartered in San Francisco, California and is considered a global leader in Ontological Coaching exclusively dedicated to Organizational Culture Change. Dr. Espinal is also a Certified Professional Coach (PCC) of the International Coach Foundation, and elected member of the World Association of Bussiness Coaches.

Ms Espinal has founded and managed institutions dedicated to leadership, designed to support both organization and individual goals. In Argentina, she founded and managed, TeamWork, a company whose work has expanded to Brazil and Mexico with the name of TeamPower. The organization has been hailed for its success in the preparation of high performance teams and powerful leadership training based on the innovative risk by choice technique and newly and unique designs to introduce distinctions in the people of different companies (www.team-power.com.mx).

She is founder and former Director of the Instituto de Capacitación Professional, the first Institute to deliver the Career of Coaching in all the Americas, and acknowledged as a breakthrough by the Education Ministry of Argentina. At the present time ICP has 300 students. Twenty five groups of students have finished the program and gone on to successful coaching careers.

She has personally coached directors and managers of many companies, in meeting the challenge of cultural change and dramatically expanding their leadership skills.

She is an outstanding lecturer, having spoken at major conference in Argentina, Central America, Mexico, Venezuela, the United States and Europe. She work has been published in national and international magazines.

Until October of the 2000, she was a consultant to the Public Service of the Government of Canada in leadership education of the higher commands of the public service.

  • Master Certified Coach by the ICF
  • PCC of the ICF
  • Master Coach of the AAPC
  • Business Coach of the WABC.
  • Founder of the first School of Coaching with credentials acknowledged by the Government of Argentina.
  • Lic. Psychology, Dr. in Dentistry, Master in Pathology
  • American Express
  • Amway International
  • Banco de la Nación Argentina
  • Colgate
  • SanCor
  • Jugos del Valle
  • Coca Cola
  • Canal 9 detelevisión argentina
  • L´Oreal deParís (en México y en Estados Unidos)
  • Novartis
  • Sony
  • Páginas Amarillas
  • Telefónica de Argentina
  • Akzo NobelComex
  • Editorial Santillana
  • Forestal La Soledad (Venezuela), entre muchos otros
  • Tupperware
  • Banorte
  • Universidad de la Selva ( Ocosingo, Chiapas, México)
  • Partido Acción Nacional (Partido Político hoy en el Gobierno de México)
  • FONAES (Oficina federal del Gobierno de México)
  • IMSS (Instituto del Seguro Social del Gobierno de México)
  • YPF (Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales, Argentina)
  • Municipalidad de La Rioja
  • Joint venture Turismo Jujuy y Gobierno de Jujuy

"I met Elena Espinal in 1999 in Buenos Aires Argentina, in the Coaching Institute she created and lead, ICP.

I was impressed of the Elena Coaching Seminars at the ICP, regarding the transformation and the results People were getting from her Coaching and Support. I also assisted to two magnificent conferences, one with more than a thousand people, and 500 hundred in the other. I saw her power, the possibility that the people saw through her words and action…. It was unbelievable that one woman could create that power in two hours.

As the HR Director of Colgate Palmolive Argentina at that time, and with the support of the General Manager, I hired a Teamwork and Coaching Seminars for the top Directors and Managers of the Company. On 3 days sessions we created the basis for a new Culture, where: Trust, Accountability and Commitment powerful distinctions made a difference in the transformation.

Elena was the Coaching Senior Leader of that activity and she then conducted the follow up into action of the whole initiative, in meetings at the Company with top level Management for 6 months.She helped us to “create and play a bigger game”, a new world of possibilities.

The Motivation and Business results were Excellent!! a terrific equation for any Company. I will always remember one question from Elena at that time, how much Colgate is selling? You can do xxx more!! My own question was, how Elena sees a Business increase, what is she looking? then the results with the activity. And it’s clear to me that the power is in the People, however, you need an incredible Coach as Elena to bring the energy and a sense of fulfillment in the People to add value to the Business.

This was my direct experience, I know she increased the Business in “Jugos del Valle” and now leading a Company. I believe, just such a Professional can create new possibilities in different business through the Coaching and her Personal and Technical Competencies."

Daniel Gorza, Human Resources Director Colgate Palmolive Latin America.

"Queria felicitarte por la forma como realizaste el trabajo de Escenarios de Futuro con el grupo de Piscataway. Estoy seguro que lo que logramos concluir sera de gran utilidad para L’Oreal. En estos tiempos de incertidumbre y de futuros inciertos, el pensar en que es lo que puede pasar y como se puede reaccionar para tener exito es de suma importancia. Tus habilidades tecnicas, asi como humanas, fueron claves para el desarrollo de esta vision, asi que nuevamanete, te felicito y te agradezco la ayuda brindada.

El equipo esta muy contento y motivado en emprender el camino hacia la meta. Este ejercicio nos ayudo no solo a definir la meta sino tambien a pensar en ella al tomar cada decision en el dia a dia. Nos mantedremos en contacto, ya te contare como progresamos con las presentaciones.

Daniel Bittner

"I have known and worked with Elena Espinal since 1997 and consider her to be a professional coach of the highest caliber. As one of the founder’s of the field of coaching, the first person to certify coaches in 1985, having written the first published article on coaching (“Coaching and the Art of Management) in 1989 and having produced the first international videoconference about coaching in 1987, I am confident that she meets the highest standards of our profession.

Elena was a leader in bringing coaching to Argentina beginning in 1999 as co-founder of an accredited institution offering a two-year coaching curriculum and training over 200 individual practitioners before being sold in 2003. She also has worked with me on a number of corporate engagements designed to introduce a culture of coaching in large organizations---including clients such as Federal Government of Canada, a multi-national dairy products business, a large Mexico based beverage manufacturer and numerous small enterprises. Her work has included coaching several dozen senior executives including three or four CEOs over extended periods of time.

I have certified her at the mastery level based on my standards and have observed her in dozens of coaching conversations including several that were extremely complex involving deep individual patterns and strongly negative cultural resistance to change. She is exceptionally skilled in working with both individuals as with teams.

Elena Espinal has been unique in my experience in her ability to synthesize several different fields (paradigms) and communicate transformational ideas to people in simple and straightforward ways that create openings for unprecedented action. She is an adept listener and demonstrates a deep and natural compassion in her interactions with those she coaches.

Of all my students over the years, Elena has consistently exceeded my expectations and shown maturity and creativity to her application of the principles of ontological coaching. She has my unqualified endorsement for certification by the Federation. I am open for further conversations and to give additional examples if requested."

Jim Selman, CEO, ParaComm Partners

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