Diahann Boock

Diahann Boock

Senior Associate Coach

Phone: 847.630.9901
Website: Diahann Boock Consulting
Location: Chicago, IL, USA. Works with clients globally
In-Person Appearances: Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator (Contact Us to schedule)
Free Consultation: I am pleased to offer new clients a Complimentary Coaching Session

Diahann Boock is the President and Founder of Diahann Boock Consulting, a Chicago-based coaching and consulting company that facilitates individual, team, and organizational change maximizing a client’s full potential. Diahann brings corporate leadership and management expertise to her work, and is a successful entrepreneur as well. Her success with clients is proven in that those who work hard and change their habits often get promoted, win awards, make more money, and achieve a great level of satisfaction in their lives.

Diahann's experience as an executive in business, marketing and digital strategy at two different Global Fortune 20 companies and one Fortune 300 company allows her to provide unparalleled teaching on what it really takes to achieve and excel in today’s environment. She was on the ground floor, flexing her intreprenurial muscle launching e-commerce divisions at two of those companies. She delivered solid financial results consistently. Diahann’s passion is in attracting, developing and motivating high-impact management teams. When these relationships are successful, results are guaranteed.

To get started on ensuring your professional success and making the most your career, call Diahann at 847.630.9901 or contact via email at db@diahannboock.com

  • Leadership development
  • Executive coaching
  • Personal and professional development
  • Public speaking
  • Strategic planning
  • Talent assessment
  • Motivational speaking
  • Marketing strategy
  • Social media strategy

Spent entire career focused on coaching employees to mostly exceed and always achive expected business results.

  • MBA, Lake Forest Graduate School of Management
  • Masters in Marketing Communication, Roosevelt University

"I can't sing Diahann's praises highly enough. I hired her as a business coach with the expectation I would sharpen my overall business acumen. What I accomplished as a result of working with Diahann over the course of 9 months was so, so much more. With her guidance and training, my small business drastically changed for the better. Looking back, I can hardly recognize my business and myself from before we started. Diahann's experience speaks for itself, and she knows her stuff. There were so many great and effective things she taught me, I could go on for days. But some of the most impactful for my business were:

  • Diahann embodies the word coach. The process wasn't always easy, change never is. But she challenged me, guided me carefully, always listened to my concerns, and helped me out of more than one "pickle" (and helped me apply the lessons of those pickles).
  • She taught me tangible ways to track and monitor my sales efforts, and how to learn from both successes and failures. This has been huge for me, because it showed me where new business was coming from and where I need to focus more/less effort.
  • Diahann also helped me to take a good, hard look at my productivity and where I was falling short. The way I approach my workload, and getting things done is completely different now.

"The important difference being: things get done on-time and nothing gets lost in the shuffle. I would recommend Diahann to anyone looking to find more success in their working life, from a new business owner to a CEO. She provides the important perspective of someone on the outside looking in, and can help foster the good kind of change!"


"Diahann is a wonderful resource and an expert in assisting highly motivated professionals focused on growing their career. Diahann has the experience and instincts to provide thoughtful guidance in helping any professional expand their ability to effectively produce results. She is creative, analytical, professional and personable at every step. I highly recommend Diahann to any professional motivated to reach the next level."


"You want someone to stretch your brain power? Then you want Diahann. She sees things in me that I cannot see. Having someone in my corner that is as invested in my success as I am is like stacking the deck. Because of her, I make more money, get more done, and have more time. I'm a triple threat."


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