Dag Nybo

Dag Nybo

Business Coach, Executive Coach

Phone: 512-646-0693
Website: www.bizcoachaustin.com
Location: Austin, Texas, USA. Works with clients globally.

Working in the Silicon Valley and Austin, Texas; I have spent most of my 25 year career in management roles with start-ups/established software firms.

I began my business/ executive coaching with The Growth Coach out of Cincinnati, Ohio. I am certified in the Strategic Mindset Coaching process which is approved by and follows the guidelines of the ICF (International Coaching Federation)

I'm a 35 year competitive soccer player. I am not competitive in my coaching work. I am married to Claudia and have three children ages 13,10 and 7.

Certified in the Strategic Mindset Coaching Process; approved by The International Coaching Federation

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"I highly recommend Dag Nybo as a business coach. He does an excellent job of reviewing and analyzing company structure and provides sound advice in relation to company's objectives and goals. He is wonderful to work with on any business endeavor.

Dag is an amazing team asset and the ultimate professional. His coaching helped me to develop strong management skills and pushed me to better my business.

Dag’s coaching has helped to boost productivity and moral in my company, while continuing growth in sales and income. His honesty and integrity allows for open communication and positive change. He gives it to you straight and holds you accountable for the choices you make. He is not there to tell you how to run your business, but to help guide you to make the best decisions and stick by them."


Marjorie Adams

"Dag Nybo and I originally met through Twitter. In 2010 I hired him as a business coach because my social media consulting business was growing fast and I needed some guidance.

The three things I like best about Dag are 1) His personality; He is funny yet serious about business and he's calm yet excited about coaching 2) He knows how to listen; Dag doesn't make assumptions and try to fit you into a mold. He makes a point of really understanding your situation 3) He asks the right questions; The first step to solving any problem is to define it. Dag is great at that. He asks the questions that will get you thinking about your business and your goals. He knows that achieving clarity about where you are and where you want to go is key to having a successful business.

I highly recommend Dag, especially to those that think that they don't need a business coach. If your business and your career are important to you, it makes sense to seek out an unbiased, professional and fresh perspective."


Sue Rostvold

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