Cindy Hillsey

Cindy Hillsey

Business Coach, Women's Coach

Phone: 616-285-1949
Location: USA. Works with clients globally.

My name is Cindy Hillsey, CPC, ACC, and I am a Creative Small Business Coach!

The purpose/mission of my work is to give creative women who struggle with building a business the confidence, safe place, and support they need so they can fly as high as they want to in their business.

We are all creative in our own way. Some of us are creative with business ideas, designs, structure, etc. Others of us are creative in the traditional sense of using our hands and drawing, painting, writing. Whether we use our hands, our head, or a combination of both, we all have some creativity. Let's work together to bring your creativity to light!

With my experience in small business, I am very capable of coaching creative women in setting up their own business. I’m able to show you how what you do can be monetized, and help you to put the business foundation in place so you can flourish.

My background in small business is a strength that I bring to my coaching business. I spent my career working in, and for, small business owners/solopreneurs. I know small business inside and out. I also have a B.S. in Management which couples nicely with my skillset.

I am very good at creating a safe place for my clients in coaching. My clients tell me time and again that one of the biggest reasons they move forward is that they feel safe with me, and they know that I am in their corner holding their vision until they are ready to take and completely own it. I am also a great listener, and I ‘hear’ not only what is being said, but what is not being said.

We work on coming from the mindset of a business owner and what that means; we discuss the difference between working IN your business and working ON your business; we craft a vision for your business; we work on the Ideal Client concept and why it is THE key to building a successful business; we work on creating an online presence; and finally we work on the different ways in which to market your business.

I know you're probably thinking about now, "What do I get out of this relationship?" Here is the impact I have on my clients:

  • More confidence in making decisions and taking steps toward positive change in their business and themselves
  • Better understanding of their strengths and how to use them to advance their business
  • Improved time management skills
  • More focused vision of the steps and tools needed to move their business forward
  • More clarity around theie Ideal Client and WHY this is important to their business
  • More clarity and focus around their dreams and goals
  • Increased productivity and growth in their business
  • Turned those complicated, dense, and overwhelming projects into simple, manageable, and comprehensible steps

Think it! Create it! Market it! That's what we'll do together.

If this resonates with you, let's connect!

Let’s break out of the ‘traditional’ way of doing business and let’s do business your way!

Member of ICF; holds the ACC designation from the ICF

Coaching and training at International Coach Academy (ICA)

B.S. in Management

"The path you have chosen suits you perfectly; you are great at helping others feel comfortable in not only thinking about owning a business but running it too. I know I always resisted those concepts, but you have made it a lot more fun, and manageable, for me to consider them … you are more than helping others, you are INSPIRING them to take steps out of their comfort zones.

I don’t believe it is about the process being simple; but it is about someone like you who turns those complicated, dense and overwhelming projects into simple, manageable and comprehensible steps. Your mentoring style creates great learning space that your clients can take with them and use in different areas of their lives.

Words cannot even begin to describe what I think of you as a person, a friend and as a professional who has a lot to offer to her clients as far as contribution and support goes … you are simply the BEST at what you do and a true partner to your clients and those around you. Your clients cannot help but to LOVE the whole you as I do, and I am sure those who know you already love and respect you tremendously."

-Kathy Taheri, Certified Professional Coach

"My daughter introduced me to Cindy. I thought it would be a pleasant hour over coffee. I had no idea that my life was about to change dramatically. Literally within minutes, Cindy recognized that my small local business could be so much more. Over the next few months, she created and helped me develop an Internet marketing plan that transformed what was once just a daydream into a reality. Not only does Cindy have the professional skills, education and experience to expand whatever venture you’re working on, she also has exceptional intuitive abilities and a coaching style that makes you feel like absolutely anything is possible. She is never without ideas, resources and encouragement. She gave me my dream and changed the course of my life – again, within just months. I am still in awe."

Shey Zenker
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