Phillip Collins

Our Team Member

Phillip Collins

Phillip Collins

Our certified Coach

Executive and Leadership Coach

Address: Action and Theory Ltd
Kemp House, 152 – 160 City Road, London EC1V 2NX
United Kingdom
Phone:  +44 7773 525498 (my direct dial) or +44 845 1098 544 (my reception team)
Skype: actionandtheory


Phillip is committed to taking a partnership approach with his clients, by developing bespoke personalised and flexible coaching interventions to meet with their leadership development needs in practical and actionable ways.

Working mainly with corporate clients, Phillip specialises in supporting the leadership development of Senior Managers and Senior Executives, who are in country head, international region head roles, or those within the global teams.
These leaders face a range of challenges, including:
• Strategic thinking
• Decision-Making
• Time-Management
• Prioritisation
• Leading for Immediate Impact
• Inspiring Others
• Leading Change


“Phillip is one of the most talented and experienced professionals I have ever met.
As my coach, his experience at the highest level makes him incisive, honest and invaluable for me, having the ability to swiftly and accurately pinpoint areas for my development.
He is completely trustworthy and has an extremely high level of integrity, acute business insight and many years of diverse experience to draw upon.
Also, aside from the above, Phillip is enduring, positive and a great person to know!”