Our Coaching Model: The 3 Lives Concept©

How is it that even “successful” people may find themselves dissatisfied - despite all that they have?

Have you ever known an individual who seemingly had everything, but was still unhappy with their life in total?

How about the career star, who couldn’t stop pushing for the next step?

Or, someone who had more than enough wealth, and yet was always disappointed with their financial situation?

Is there something ‘wrong’ with them?
Why do so many people fall into these situations?

The answer is usually right in front of them…

Every human, each of us, and regardless of who we are, are complex folks. And, although we may try to define ourselves in many different manners - by our job for example, or through our relationships, perhaps our education - whatever - it’s almost impossible to define “who” or “what” we are.

The reason for this difficulty is that every one of us really have 3 different live aspects.

Our personal life
Our financial life
Our professional life

Very often - we try to become the ‘best’ we can in one of our 3 lives. And, in the course of trying to become our best, we may take our eye off the other “lives” that make us. complete.

This explains why we often see people who seem to be so ‘successful” but who are not happy with their situations.

For example:

* an executive who worked hard and achieved success but feels like a loser because she doesn’t have a family
* the proud husband who spends time with his kids and partner but doesn’t earn enough income to have a nice life
* an individual who has a great family, makes a very good income, but is dissatisfied because he can’t get a decent night’s sleep

Each of these individuals probably feel dissatisfied because they want more “balance” in their life.

Once we understand why we are craving something else or “better”, it’s fairly straightforward to move into a life of more satisfaction and more balance. Trained coaches, therapists, and other professionals can help these people create a new approach for that elusive “balance”.

And then the individual can take it into her or his hands and develop the other sides of the their 3 Lives, resulting in greater satisfaction and success.