My Favorite 10 Ways to Achieve Better Results

It’s my opinion that the really-successful people of this world have a lot of great ideas that the rest of the population could copy successfully.

In my practice I'm very fortunate to be able to spend time with successful people in many situations. Over a period of many years, I took notes about what they felt had helped them achieve their success. It became a long list.

Then I tested them with clients - and myself.

Here are my favorite 10 ideas for thinking BIGGER about who you are - and what you do in the world:

1. Have A Mad Passionate Love Affair With Yourself

Noodle on this - what would it feel like to truly have a mad passionate love affair with yourself? I’m talking about a deep and true love – a love for yourself made up of respect, care, ease, support and understanding. This is not a small thing.

2. Stop Seeking Validation From Others

Acknowledge your needs and desires - not your mother’s, friends, co-workers, society’s, etc. Stop seeking validation from, or comparing yourself, to others.

3. Embrace The Power Of Intention

I'm not suggesting the "whoo hoo" stuff but...your present intentions create your present reality. If you want to change your reality change and strengthen your intentions. And make sure you don’t have any intentions that are in direct conflict.

4. Always Act On Your Intuition

I will bet that you’re intuition has never been wrong. Your intuition is the strongest muscle in your body. Listen to it. Work it out. Stop over-relying on your intellect to make decisions. That’s not what it’s for.

5. Feed Your Body, Mind and Spirit

Meditate. Journal. Play. Read or listen to books & seminars. Spend time with loved ones. Get into fitness, use your imagination, nurture your creativity. Embrace life fully -by volunteering - maybe do a good deed. Love freely.

6. Make Big, Bold Promises

If you haven’t made BIG promises with respect to what you want to accomplish/create you probably won’t. Many say that we need to say aloud to what we want – or else nobody (read: the universe) will know what you want/need.

7. Take Action. Now

Your life depends on it! By now we all know that whatever you consistently focus on you will arrive at. Choose to stop holding yourself back; create big (good) problems & take risks. So: break some rules / embrace change / take leaps of faith.

8. Design Environments For Bold Self-Expression

Nourish your big dreams. Express yourself through your work. Think & plan big when your emotional energy best supports it (high/positive). And just manage around your worst weaknesses vs. trying to improve each time your stymied.

9. Think BIG With Others

A lot of us work 'alone' - even if we're surrounded by others at our employment. Here's a better approach - get a partner/buddy/coach/mentor/whatever. Expose yourself to big thinkers. Get out and meet people. Help others.

Limit time with negative people. Be selective about who you share your big thoughts & projects with. Many will talk you out of what you "know" you need to do.

10. Choose Your Teachers Wisely

Model yourself after people who think BIG - it's catchy.