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In today’s coaching environment, it’s not enough to be “ just” a good coach. You need someone who can help you build a solid coaching practice.

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Over the last 10 years, the coaching sector has grown significantly. Industry forecasts indicate that this growth will not slow down. And, with this growth, competition has become a challenge in many markets. That’s why our founder, John M McKee, has created a group of ‘experts’ who can help you gain new clients, build your income, and manage your practice.

These are coaches who are working every day with clients themselves. They’ve dealt with business issues and are here to help you overcome roadblocks in your own practice. Our JMA Experts know how to help you build your own coaching business, improve your income, and help your clients at the same time. These individuals can also help you improve your skills and coaching performance.

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John M. McKeeMaster Coach

Our founder, John M McKee, has been in the coach sector since 2001. Prior to then, he was one of the early senior leaders of DIRECTV; joining it when it was a startup.
As a Master Coach, he works with coaches worldwide; sharing his experience and helping them to greater successes.

Unless one is expert in this niche, many coaches do not have a manageable and satisfactory business plan to work with. This isn’t an accountant’s work, it’s a holistic plan that helps you or your client moving forward.

Our founder, John M. McKee, has led organizations and businesses throughout North America. John was one of the founding senior executive team recruited to create and then launch DIRECTV, now regarded by many as one of the world’s most successful business launches.

He subsequently developed and oversaw some of that company’s greatest achievements. Prior to DIRECTV, John led organizations in several industries, worked overseas, and was involved in several business turnarounds. He’s spent decades in executive suites and boardrooms. In 2001 he left DIRECTV and established Business Success to an international coaching practice dedicated to helping those in business and leadership roles.

His first corporate clients came soon afterward, starting with 4 executives at Comcast. Often seen on television programs nationwide, John is also heard on radio across North America. He is sought out for salient information and insight that could be applied to careers, businesses and personal lives in a straightforward manner.

Involved in coaching since 1988 when it first emerged, John M. McKee has been practicing coaching in organizations for over 20 years. He is an expert in Shadow Coaching, which results in significant results in 1 day.

The author of 3 published books (more information available on this website), John is frequently seen on television, in magazines and newspapers (more information available on this website). He has written a weekly column on leadership for CBS Interactive since 2006.

As a certified business and executive coach, John advises business leaders and executives worldwide. In addition to 1:1 coaching, he is available for group presentations and speaking engagements. Please see our Media pages for contact information. Member: International Coach Federation Member: The Worldwide Association of Business Coaches

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What Our Coaches Are Saying

I have been working with Phillip monthly since early 2012. I was sceptical about business consultants, coaches etc, but I’ve found Phillip’s support and advice to be invaluable particularly with the relocation of my business. He has also asssisted in developing my confidence and assertiveness. I don’t hesitate in recommending him.

Mark L

I find it really helpful to be able to reach out to other consultants and learn how they overcame some of the challenges we share. JMA is a wonderful network of amazing and accomplished coaches who have insights from experience that I can learn from before I encounter a similar situation. The support and camaraderie is something that can't be found as an individual consultant or through any other organization I’ve seen.

Susie Tomenchok