By John M. McKee

The Plan: How to get Personal Balance, Career Success & Financial Success

The Plan provides a step by step, proven approach to creating a successful life with that elusive thing called "balance".

Applying the same time-ested methods used by many of the world's most successful individuals and organizations, you will learn how to take control of your personal, career and financial "lives" using step-by-step approach.

The authors have created a fun to read book filled with worksheets so you can work at the same time you are reading the advice and stories.

Career Wisdom: 101 Proven Strategies to Ensure Workplace Success

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and wonder what happened to your career?

In his second book, one of America's best-known management success coaches reveals what he's learned about getting ahead from over thirty years in boardrooms and executive suites.

A former company leader, McKee has hired, promoted, fired and let go literally thousands of people during his career. He created this book based on his observations of how some of the most successful got ahead of the others. He knows what it takes to succeed.

If you think you're being held back by what you don't know, Career Wisdom: 101 Proven Strategies to Ensure Workplace Success just might help you get back on track.

21 Ways Women in Management Shoot Themselves in the Foot

Despite all of the progress we've made toward equal rights over the last few decades, less than 4 percent of America's largest companies employ women as senior executives.

This unacceptable situation is not, according to business success coach John M. McKee, because female professionals lack the desire or ability to lead. In his thirty years of experience in corporate life, McKee has found that a working woman cannot improve her situation until she more actively manages her career, gains a better understanding of the traditionally masculine culture of the workplace, and refuses to accept lower pay scales and unequal treatment.

About the Author, John M. McKee

John M. McKee is the founder and leader of The Business Success Coach Network, an international coaching organization with offices worldwide. One of the founding senior executives of DIRECTV, John has led billion dollar organizations and launched start-ups in both the U.S. and Canada. He knows what works- and what doesn't.

A certified business life coach since 2001, he is a strong advocate of balance in each of the 3 Key Life categories - career, personal, and financial.

John is frequently seen providing advice on TV, online, in magazines, and newspapers including: US World & News Report, The Wall Street Journal, ABC News, Fox and Friends, CNN/,, The Toronto Star, Marie Claire magazine, Mens Health, Forbes, Cosmo en Espanole, and many others throughout the US and Canada.

John's books have been described as "muscular, yet trim". He writes like a business executive for those who want answers clearly presented in the least amount of time. His books are sold worldwide.

The author of 3 books, his 3rd, "The Plan", launched in March 2010. Co-authored with Canadian business consultant and mentor Helen Latimer, The Plan reveals approaches and methods used by very successful organizations and individuals.