In North America, we're in grave danger of losing our leadership status as the world's best in management development and new technology.

This doesn't have to happen.  Over a lot of years, I've had the privilege of meeting and working with some of the best and most admired leaders including then-President Bill Clinton. I found that great managers and leaders seem to share certain traits or characteristics that help them to improve their game.

If you want to change results - get rid of behaviors that are holding you back and add these to your professional repertoire:

1. They live their lives and run their businesses “On Purpose”. They know what they stand for, and their organizations reflect their Purpose.

2. They help others to succeed - They mentor, train, assist.

3. They put back into the community - Tithing, volunteering, helping.

4. They make their own success - Through Intention, they overcome difficult obstacles which slow down others.

5. They are great listeners - To everyone; including customers, employees, competitors.

6. They understand wealth management - By looking after themselves, they can better look after others.

7. Honest and Ethical - They know that what goes around comes around.

8. They understand the differences between power vs. force - Forcing outcomes only causes negative results eventually.

9. They lead balanced lives - Creating successful relationships in business and personal lives.

10. They don’t need all the recognition, all the time - This creates loyalty and stonger teams - in turn making better organizations.

11. They continually upgrade their skills - They recognize that the marketplace is constantly changing and they must as well.

When leaders and executives have more of these traits, businesses grow, team members flourish and investors add more capital.  Each are simple and straightforward. Try  them out.    - John