I'm not saying I love these, but I've seen them help people move forward as a result:

It's important that those who are in a position to benefit your career know who you are and what you’ve accomplished.

1. Develop an 'elevator speech' - Develop a short message and memorize it, so you can capitalize on chance meetings.

2. Pace your boss - Employees should ensure they are in the office whenever the boss is in. It's a great opportunity to distinguish yourself from others in the workplace and capitalize on one-on-one time with her or him.

3. Over-communicate - Keep anyone who is in a position to help you move ahead well-apprised of what you are planning or currently working on. Take advantage of every legitimate opportunity to have face time with your direct superior or other decision makers inside the organization.

4. Shine brighter by sharing credit. No one likes a “glory hog.” One of the fastest ways for a subordinate to become disliked and disrespected by a boss is by taking the sole recognition for a team effort.

Good employees are recognized for their ability to share the success with others.

5. Look the part. One’s “presence” plays a big part in who gets promoted and who doesn’t. In a nutshell, presence is a combination of how we look, how we carry ourselves, and our communication skills.

Many decision makers still associate one’s appearance, demeanor and speaking ability with their overall ability.

Condition yourself to carry yourself with good posture, speak and gesture in a confident and authoritative manner, and wear attire that fits in.