Lucy Faulks

Lucy Faulks

Career Coach, Transition Coach, Women's Coach

Phone: +44 (0) 7764 487950
Skype: lucy.faulks
Languages: English
Location: London
Free Consultations: Yes
Special Appearance: Yes
Year Started Coaching: 2015
Coach Promise: Yes

I spent the first 11 years of my career working in big, fast-paced, commercial advertising agencies in London. It was a high pressure environment, full of expectation and politics. I was always on the go, pushing, striving, chasing the next promotion. Living every day on auto-pilot and a slave to my phone. I started to notice a very empty, numb feeling growing inside me. I felt lost and my life had no meaning. The ‘work hard play hard’ culture was leaving me exhausted, drained and miserable and so I started to search for more.

That’s when I discovered positive psychology – a new branch of psychology that looks at the strengths and contributing factors that allow individuals and communities to thrive. It’s founded on the belief that people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, and to enhance their own experience of happiness and wellbeing and so studies the building blocks that help create this.

Like a bee to honey I began reading all the literature I could find. I started a daily meditation practise and to realise the importance of nourishing self-care. I discovered my values and what gave my life meaning – which kick-started a period of huge transformation. I quit my job and moved abroad to work for an NGO in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. Feeling lighter and free of the chains of societal pressures, I discovered my true self and a life purpose. Upon my return, I started – A Wellness Centre for the Mind.

Technotox offers tips and tools (including positive psychology interventions and coaching methods) to help readers find meaning and happiness in their lives. With a particular focus on the impact technology is having on our mental health and emotional wellbeing, it aims to help you create a healthier tech-life balance while freeing up time to focus on personal development and create meaningful relationships with both yourself and others.

I received an overwhelming response to Technotox when it launched, so shortly after I decided to train as a life coach.

I now work one-on-one with clients across the world. Over Skype, face to face and on the phone. The coaching relationship provides a safe and courageous space to explore, to challenge, to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and question self-limiting beliefs. We address saboteurs and set goals for personal and professional change, based on your individual values and strengths. Creating the best possible environment for personal growth, happiness and flourishing.

CPCC (Coaches Training Institute)

Member of ICF

“Having Lucy as my coach has been invaluable. I have laughed, I have cried but more importantly I have been able to express my thoughts and feelings with someone who is insightful and immensely supportive. Not a minute of our time has been wasted with new tools, techniques and reflections helping me to make some significant life changes and at the same time enhance the everyday joy in my life. Lucy is more than a coach as she creates a safe and effective environment for continual growth.”


“Lucy is a wonderful coach, her style is both caring and challenging. I was able to bring vulnerable topics to the sessions and feel really safe and supported in her presence. Lucy uses a variety of approaches and techniques, which keeps things ‘fresh’ and allows space for deeper learning and reflection. Lucy is great at building in accountability, which supports me in really going for what I want.
> Lucy is a gem and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for greater clarity on what’s important to them, and then going for it!”



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