Liana Crowe

Liana Crowe

Transition Coach, Womens Coach, Business Coach

Phone: 519-560-7523
Website: Life ARC
Location: Windsor,Canada. Works with clients globally.
Free Consultation: I am pleased to offer new clients a Complimentary Coaching Session

Founder of Life Arc Coaching.

Helps clients, from all walks of life and business, seeking to overcome limiting behaviors and beliefs.

An Accredited Co Active Life Coach from the Coaches Training Institute in California, Liana's focus is on helping clients achieve balance and identify Purpose. Once these have been achieved, transitions occur more readily. She has studied with the organization Developing Capable People through The Resiliency Institute and leads workshops designed to to help clients to empower themselves and move forward into their next level of Brilliance.

Accredited through CTI The Coaching Training Institute

Through a tragic loss of her daughter and the journey of forgiveness Liana understands that it is her circumstance that has brought to the place she proudly stands today, presenting her with the ability to know that "dancing in the moment" is where the richness in her and those whom she encounters in her Life Path.

Liana has a profound passion for the Human spirit and is a Warrior for it's' existence.

"I did some coaching with Liana almost three years ago for about a three month period. She asked me what my true passions were and it made me realize that I wanted to live my dream of attaining a professional license in women’s motocross. The idea kept going in and out of my life for a couple years until I felt that it was the right time to pursue my dream. Last year, I decided it was time and began the path, by riding and racing more, as well as starting a training program. I achieved a fourth place at the Transcan Canadian Nationals last year with limited resources. This year I’ve turned it up a few notches and have started a marketing program to gain more sponsors and show how serious I am. I’m really excited that this it’s all starting to happen and I look forward how far I can go. Thank you Liana, for getting that spark going again. I am happier than ever."

Renee, MXgirl

"What Liana brings to the table is third party perspective which to me is essential to improving my own personal value and self esteem. Although I have invested a lot of time in a technical skill set and developing my inner life, Liana would catch patterns and release emotions that were most defiantly self defeating. The business coaching has launched Forge Infinity Studios into a greater arena of being accepted, adored and a total success. I met Liana on a web video shoot and I was glad I was brave enough to go up and talk with her. I hope that you choose to do something amazing for your life as well. Make a connection with Liana today, I have never looked back…."

Chris Labbate, CEO, Forge Infinity Studios

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