David Kaiser

David Kaiser

Business Coach, Career Coach, Executive Coach

Phone: 773-454-7606
Skype: davidwkaiser
Website: Dark Matter Consulting
Languages: English, Russian
Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA. Works with clients globally.
Free Consultation: I am pleased to offer new clients a Complimentary Coaching Session

Extraordinary leaders always had a guide to help them become their best. In the past, or in books or movies, that may have been a shaman, or a wizard, or a priest. Today’s best leaders have an outstanding Coach.

Why do you want me as your guide?? I’ve walked the path. The stuff you need help with, be it Productivity, Leadership, Conflict, Life Mission, Personal Branding, and Personal and Romantic Relationships, these are all things I have struggled with (and failed at, mightily…) AND resolved, and therefore I am able to help you get where you want to go.

Coaching you is my Mission, it’s the work that my Higher Power has set for me: I guide clients to Extraordinary lives by helping them through the same obstacles that I have struggled with (that also helps me keep my current struggles in perspective, see how powerful a Mission is?)

I’m also really good at this. I have Experience, Wisdom, Intuition, Training and Mojo. I have coached hundreds of people since 2004. I can help you to create a measurably better life in six months, and to create a truly Extraordinary life of service and leadership beyond that.

  • PhD - University of Chicago
  • MA - University of Arizona
  • BS - Georgetown University
  • ACC - International Coach Federation
  • CPCC - Coaches Training Institute

"Hiring Dave Kaiser / Dark Matter Consulting as an Executive Coach has proven to be extremely beneficial. Dave is naturally gifted at the art of listening and as a result he asks thought-provoking, insightful questions that lead to the discovery of ‘blind spots’ and challenge even long-held assumptions. The work I’ve done with Dave in just 6 sessions has had a significant, positive impact both professionally and personally in my life resulting in my being re-energized and re-focused. I highly recommend Dave Kaiser as a coach for any professional who is feeling stuck or overwhelmed, or who needs a safe, intelligent, insightful sounding board for the challenges leaders inevitably face every day."

Amanda Piper, CEO, Lewiston Federal Credit Union

"Dave is a fantastic executive coach. He approaches challenges with highly creative solutions, and provides invaluable insight and support to achieving one's career potential. Even after I finished my sessions, he continues to serve as a resource and champion of my career goals, taking a personal investment in seeing my success. I highly recommend Dave to anyone who is looking to take the next step in their career."

Ale Berkowitz, CEO and Founder, Delicticata

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