Annemieken Van Reepingenh

Annemieken Van Reepingenh

Leadership Coach, Women's Coach

Phone: 0032-496-108330
Location: Belgium. Works with clients globally.
Languages: Dutch, French, English
Free Consultation: I am pleased to offer new clients a Complimentary Coaching Session

In 1988, Annemieken Van Reepingen finished her studies as a clinical psychologist at the university of Leuven. In 1996, she became an M.D. at the same university.
She has over 20 years of experience in psychotherapy and counselling and worked in different areas in mental health care.

She is a certified business coach at OK Corral, trained by Greg Kersten, one of the founders of equine assisted learning. She is a certified mental health professional of EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) and a qualified member and trainer of EAHAE (European Association for Horse Assisted Learning).

She graduated in the ICF approved Horse Assisted Coach Training program by Lisa Murrell. Annemieken developed a unique approach, based upon all these different methods: “Motivate and inspire people to create authentic communities is my passion! To live life fully, to work with enthusiasm ,authenticity, motivation and inspiration are indispensable. They provide the juice in life and business. I coach people to find their energy source, their power. Coaching from the heart, with the help of horses, is my way of contributing to that.”

Master in Psychology, MD

Horse Assisted Coach, EAHAE

Horse Dream Partner, EAGALA

"One thing for certain, your presence in any group or in any endeavor, is a blessing and a gift to those involved. You have such a quiet, humble wisdom and you carry such great power. You are truly a a world where most believe they are well....but more and more are shifting to higher awareness and seeing life/existence very differently."

Susan C

"I spent 2 transforming days with Annemieken and her 4 feet coaches.It was a very powerful opportunity for us 2 to go one step further towards our commercial project. In a few words : a powerful team coaching as well as a fabulous practice laboratory… and a big thank you to Annemieken."

Stéphane Wattinne, Lille, France

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