Executive Coaches

Executive Coaches

Executive coaching, often called leadership coaching, is a proven approach for improving productivity, performance and creativity. Originally used by the US military to improve the results of new leaders, it has become a mainstay of successful organizations- of all sizes - across the globe

The JMA network has helped over 105,000 clients in many of the world's best-known organizations. We have years of success stories, since 2001, across a wide variety of organizations worldwide. Many of our Executive Coaches have first-hand experience in executive leadership roles themselves. This provides us with a perspective that even the best coaching academies may be unable to provide.

Our executive coaching is done by coaches who are certified and experienced. We understand today's challenges and using proven approaches we overcome roadblocks, and provide new opportunities.

AnyTime, AnyPlace, and AnyWhere.

In addition to coming to you, we work by phone, email, Skype and texting.  We know that your time is valuable.

Guaranteed Results.

Your investment is protected.   We can offer this with confidence; because each and everyone of our coaches have been “hand-picked” by our founder John M McKee, one of America’s best known coaches himself.