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Exclusive benefits for JMA Associate Coaches

Attract Traffic to Your Own Website

We help our coaches by encouraging more visitors to visit their own sites. We will link your profile to your own website, LinkedIn page & Twitter account at your request. Unlike other coach organizations, our objective is to help coaches stand out in an environment that is becoming more competitive and more crowded.

Media Promotion

When we receive media inquiries for coaching stories, articles, interviews and so on, we often pass them along to the local Senior Associate Coaches in that area or specialty. This coverage can help you to build your local reputation more effectively at no expense.

Opportunities Alert

Our Central Office may get job leads from many sources seeking to use coaches across the world. This service alerts you to any suitable job leads that may come into the John McKee and Associates Central Office.

Social Networking and Publicity Opportunities

Every day, we use social networking accounts including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other sites that are beneficial to grow the reputation of John McKee and Associates Coaches. This is available for all Senior Associates. We encourage you to provide us with links, postings and articles to post on your behalf; setting you up as an expert.

Orientation Program

From the moment you become a coach in John McKee and Associates, you will be given an Orientation Kit to help you make the most of your new status. It explains how to optimize your online presence, new approaches to building your coaching business locally, and how to engage with other coaches in our Network who may have new ideas to help grow together.


Our ongoing initiatives raise the profile of the coaching profession worldwide, helping to build awareness of the value of coaching and increase client demand.s to help grow together.

Strategic Alliances

Our leader, John M McKee is one of the best recognized coaches in the world. Consequently, he is often in discussions with large organizations about coaching opportunities that go beyond local borders. As new global coaching opportunities arise, they may provide new local coaching opportunities. In those cases, BSCN Senior Associates benefit with leads and contacts.

One-on-One consultations with John M McKee

Our founder & CEO has seen the evolution of coaching over many years and is frequently interviewed by media to comment on issues and opportunities. As a Senior Associate Member you can meet with our Founder, John M McKee, to improve your own coaching practice at significantly reduced fees. He'll share successful strategies and approaches to help you move forward more quickly.

Client Services

Our website presentation makes it easy for clients to find the best coach(es) for their needs. Members can be searched using competencies. This approach is intuitive for clients.

Trade Show Opportunities

John McKee and Associates may participate in coaching expos and trade show programs and may invite our coaches to join in these opportunities. Our Senior Associate Coaches are eligible to participate in each of the key coaching categories. Our choice of participants is determined based on the ability of the coach to represent that sector and John McKee and Associates.

Coach Presentations

Our Senior Associate Coaches benefit from our presentation of who they are and what they do. Unlike coach directories that may show a small thumbnail photo, we provide more space to allow us to showcase you and your story.

Leadership Opportunities

Interested in shaping the direction of our organization and the industry? We welcome your participation representing BSCN in leading specific groups and programs. We offer opportunities for qualified coaches and other industry experts to take on leadership roles as advisers, instructors, facilitators, speakers and sponsors. These are open to Senior Associates.

Recognition / Personal Branding

The coaching sector has become a competitive environment with more coaches coming into the profession every year. John McKee and Associates Coaches benefit from their additional internet presence on our website in addition to their own. We have a long list of large, often global, clients who have worked with our founder John M McKee or other BSCN Senior Associate Coaches. Your presence and credibility is enhance when seen alongside these well recognized BSCN Coaches.

The Four Windows Coaching Process©

Four Windows Consulting

John McKee and Associates Coaches are authorized to use a coaching model that is very similar to models used effectively by organizations in their strategic planning.  All work is backed up by The Coaching Industry’s Finest Guarantee of Performanc

It starts with a review of the current situation, what's working and what needs to be changed to achieve the desired objectives and goals. This approach has been successfully used for decades in organizations of all sizes and is equally powerful as a personal coaching model: The Four Windows Process©. 

This reasoned, methodical approach allows our clients to review all aspects of their situation, then create a specific plan, and move forward confidently. Using the "360 degree perspective" will help to understand where you are, what you want, and how to get there.

Clients work through a series of actions designed entirely to provide a status review, create a new plan for moving forward on all fronts including career and business issues, personal and family opportunities, financial and money issues.

Unlike other coaching methods which are often tactical in nature, your final plan will be strategic, holistic, and encompassing; with time lines to measure your progress.

What Our Coaches Are Saying

Being part of a respected, global coaching network has really helped me close new clients!

Geoff Edwards


For any coach wanting to work with some of the best coaches in the business, I enthusiastically recommend JMA. Being a member has expanded my coaching business, directly through referrals and indirectly by learning from others how they grow their businesses. You get to work with a group of experienced and skilled coaches who generously share their time and their expertise.

Helen Latimer


I have been working with Phillip monthly since early 2012. I was sceptical about business consultants, coaches etc, but I’ve found Phillip’s support and advice to be invaluable particularly with the relocation of my business. He has also asssisted in developing my confidence and assertiveness. I don’t hesitate in recommending him.

Mark L


I find it really helpful to be able to reach out to other consultants and learn how they overcame some of the challenges we share. JMA is a wonderful network of amazing and accomplished coaches who have insights from experience that I can learn from before I encounter a similar situation. The support and camaraderie is something that can't be found as an individual consultant or through any other organization I’ve seen.

Susie Tomenchok


It's amazing, having colleagues all over the world I can talk to whenever I have an issue or a problem I need help solving.

Luca De Gaudenzi


Sandra has a remarkable blend of talent to help people grow and work through obstacles; and an amazing reservoir of positive energy to bear on every human situation. I have benefited greatly and unhesitatingly give her the highest, most unqualified endorsement as the best coach of the positive psychology paradigm you could ever hope to meet.

Dr. Steven Borish

California State University, USA

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