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How it Works

Are you looking to connect with an experienced coach who can help you achieve effective results?

If so – we can help; Here’s how it works:

John McKee and Associates is a free service to help you find your ideal coach. You describe your coaching goals, background, and other details about what you would like to achieve through coaching. Then just reach out to any of our coaches to interview them – by email, skype or phone.

We have coaches whose experience and background will meet your specific needs. Give as much information as possible in order to get the best matches.

* All John McKee and Associates coaches offer a FREE, 20 minute initial consultation to help you determine which coach is best suited for your needs.

The Four Windows Coaching Process

John McKee and Associates Coaches are authorized to use a coaching model that is very similar to models used effectively by organizations in their strategic planning.  All work is backed up by The Coaching Industry’s Finest Guarantee of Performance©

It starts with a review of the current situation, what's working and what needs to be changed to achieve the desired objectives and goals. This approach has been successfully used for decades in organizations of all sizes and is equally powerful as a personal coaching model: The Four Windows Process©. 

This reasoned, methodical approach allows our clients to review all aspects of their situation, then create a specific plan, and move forward confidently. Using the "360 degree perspective" will help to understand where you are, what you want, and how to get there.

Clients work through a series of actions designed entirely to provide a status review, create a new plan for moving forward on all fronts including career and business issues, personal and family opportunities, financial and money issues.

Unlike other coaching methods which are often tactical in nature, your final plan will be strategic, holistic, and encompassing; with time lines to measure your progress.

What Our Coaches Are Saying

For any coach wanting to work with some of the best coaches in the business, I enthusiastically recommend JMA. Being a member has expanded my coaching business, directly through referrals and indirectly by learning from others how they grow their businesses. You get to work with a group of experienced and skilled coaches who generously share their time and their expertise.

Helen Latimer


Sandra has a remarkable blend of talent to help people grow and work through obstacles; and an amazing reservoir of positive energy to bear on every human situation. I have benefited greatly and unhesitatingly give her the highest, most unqualified endorsement as the best coach of the positive psychology paradigm you could ever hope to meet.

Dr. Steven Borish

California State , University, USA

John McKee and Associates

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